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As far as you must write on topics with enough evidence for them to qualify as unique ones, you should also insure that these topics will offer some fresh knowledge to your audience. This is for me the major part of the uniqueness in any essay. When you write that focus on offering information about a topic in areas that are hitherto unexplored, then you can boast of having given something unique. You can only combine these unique characters if you have the skills, and our function is to teach people essay writing skills and direct them on . You have to choose unique topics by looking at current events. When you are searching for something that is more interesting and which has not been overheated, then you should look in the way of current events in the society. These events normally have less writings and discussion on them already, and with this, you will offer some new information to people through the results of detailed research. Another method of choosing something unique is by going into controversial topics. Most people will not like to write on topics that are very controversial so as not to arouse condemnations from different points of views. You should take the chance and pounce on such topics. They always make unique argumentative essay topics. The best method here is to look at such topics and find ways of writing them with a different standpoint.