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In my Researched Argument Essay, I will argue that more teachers of college composition classrooms should adopt collaborative, “flipped-classroom” teaching practices that will allow students to work on their major writing assignments in class, where feedback is readily available, and will allow students to read and absorb content information, such as that found in textbooks, outside of class. I will argue that such classrooms more effectively foster student learning and student engagement. I will use comparisons between different kinds of classrooms, real-life case studies, and my own experiences to support my claim. I have most of the information I need, but I think my essay would be stronger if I could find a few more case studies in support of my argument. Also, even though I have information on some opposing positions, the information I have on those opposing positions is rather vague, so I would like to find another, more detailed source on those opposing positions. My argument is important because if colleges are not using the most effective means to teach their students composition, students’ educations may suffer.
For Paper #4 you will write a researched argument essay that addresses an issue related to the U.S
For Paper #4 you will write a researched argument essay that addresses an issue related to the U.S. prison system. Think about the documentary films we’ve watched (Into the Abyss, Locked up in America), about any direct or indirect experiences you may have had, any discussions you may have engaged in (in personal as well as academic settings), any material you may have read (in and out of school). Decide on a topic that interests you, and devise a corresponding issue. The issue should be sufficiently complex – something debatable. RESEARCHED ARGUMENT ESSAY: CONCLUSION PARAGRAPHSresearched argument essay Sample Argumentative Research Paper OutlineRESEARCHED ARGUMENT ESSAY - Louisiana State University
NOTE: Before you submit your completed annotated bibliography, you will write a short paragraph before your annotations begin. The purpose of this short paragraph is to give a little bit of context, a little bit of background, something that will explain how these annotations of these sources are connected. In this paragraph, you’ll describe 1) what your current thesis statement is now, 2) the main points you plan to use in support of that thesis, 3) what information you believe you still need to research for your Researched Argument Essay, and 4) why that topic/argument is important to real-life people.