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Break Down the Essay Read the essay that follows and analyze the essay to find the essay structures and evaluate the essay for what was done well and skillfully and what could have been done better. Essay Structures (You will note in your left hand column where these text structures are in the sample essay) Analysis/Evaluation (You will note in your right hand column how this was well written, or needed additional details or deeper thought) Introduction Thesis Body Paragraphs with a single focus for each paragraph Body paragraphs that explain and analyze an idea, using a quote or paraphrase as an example Body Paragraphs that connect back to the thesis Conclusion that emphasizes what the writer was arguing about the text and why it is important Questions You Can Ask: Is this a strong argument? Why/Why not? Is the writer using an appropriate tone? What is the focus of this paragraph and does it align to the thesis? How? Does this example work here? Is this too much summary or is it analyzed well enough? What point is the writer trying to make with this comment? Essay Structure Text Literary Analysis Essay Sample #1 By Doherty and Reiss For as Long as We Both Shall Live Is love purely a feeling or something more? If each person s interpretation of love is unique, then how do we know what someone is saying when they say I love you? In F. Scott Fitzgerald s The Great Gatsby, we watch the romantic tragedy of the mysterious Jay Gatsby and beautiful Daisy Buchanan through the eyes of Nick, a common friend and young businessman. Their story would make anyone reconsider what love really means. Fitzgerald wrote The Great Gatsby to show that in relationships, love or compassion does not necessarily imply a sense of commitment to a person, and vice versa. Tom Buchanan is a grown up version of your typical high school jock. He s big and strong, but not too smart. He s married to Daisy, but is actively having an affair with a woman named Myrtle Wilson. This relationship is filled with irony: Daisy is beautiful and charming, while Myrtle is neither. It is also ironic that Tom still feels some sort of commitment to his wife, even while with Myrtle. At a party in Manhattan, when a drunken Myrtle cries out, Daisy! Daisy! Daisy!... I ll say it whenever I want to! (p. 41) Tom actually gets so angry that he strikes her and breaks her nose. Even while choosing to be with Myrtle over his wife, he feels the need to protect his wife. It actually seems that he cares for both women, but does not feel Analysis/ Evaluation
Literature Essay Sample
Samples of literature review also serve the purpose of showing you that the work need not be as intimidating as it might at first seem. When you have a qualified staff working with you to help utilize the benefits of the literature review essay sample, it can go a long way in making your job that much easier to perform. Literature Essay SampleSample Literary Essay #1 - Wikispaces - K-5UnitsofWritingA Literary Essay About “Eleven” by Sandra Cisneros