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If student opts for writing about the film there are still many topics for discussion. Spielberg’s superb direction, use of technology and special effects to produce thrills, and the use of music are excellent choices where critical analysis and film review essays are concerned. Stephen Spielberg uses many techniques to build tension and shock in the audience and the sound effects were the main component in building up the suspense and fear. A very good Jaws Essay can be written comparing Jaws with Moby Dick because there are many similarities. Media students who are more concerned about business side can research and write on huge cost and the revenue earned and the successful and original marketing strategies used for the first time in promoting this big block buster movie.
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Students should read the book and watch the film to write a well informed Jaws Essay. The story is about how the small resort town Amity Island fights a man-eating shark. A woman is killed by the shark and police chief Brody wants to close the beach for the safety of the people. The Mayor Larry Vaughn overrules the decision with the motive of safeguarding the tourist business in the summer season. A few days later a boy was killed by the shark and his mother places a bounty on the shark, sparking a shark hunting craze among locals. While the shark continues to kill some more people, the local shark hunter Quint, the police chief Brody and Hooper, the marine biologist join together and kill the shark that is 25 feet long and weigh 3 Tons. 76 JAWS Essays: 1 - 25Jaws Essay Questions | GradeSaverJaws essay - Do My Research Paper For Me
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