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committed to you. Or else you are what Gatsby turned out to be a fool. Break Down the Essay Read the essay that follows and analyze the essay to find the essay structures and evaluate the essay for what was done well and skillfully and what could have been done better. Essay Structures (You will note in your left hand column where these text structures are in the sample essay) Analysis/Evaluation (You will note in your right hand column how this was well written, or needed additional details or deeper thought) Introduction Thesis Body Paragraphs with a single focus for each paragraph Body paragraphs that explain and analyze an idea, using a quote or paraphrase as an example Body Paragraphs that connect back to the thesis Conclusion that emphasizes what the writer was arguing about the text and why it is important Questions You Can Ask: Is this a strong argument? Why/Why not? Is the writer using an appropriate tone? What is the focus of this paragraph and does it align to the thesis? How? Does this example work here? Is this too much summary or is it analyzed well enough? What point is the writer trying to make with this comment? Essay Part Text Analysis Literary Analysis Essay Sample #2 By Doherty and Hughes God in the Bucket Cast your bucket down where you are! were the words of Booker T. Washington that resounded in the heads of thousands of black Americans in the years of and following Reconstruction. During this time, many people shared Washington s philosophy of upward class mobility and the gradual progression of the black race towards the standards of white society. In her novel Their Eyes Were Watching God, Zora Neale Hurston defies this philosophy of essentially striving to become white. She brilliantly portrays a vibrant black society that stands alone; her political message is subtle it lies in the complete absence of whites throughout most of the book. She does not address the white population, because it is not part of her message. Although including white society for comparative purposes may have strengthened her message, Hurston succeeds without doing so. She stresses group solidarity in the black community and this message is emphasized in every part of the book: in the varying lifestyles and communities, the rich language, the sense of patriotism and being American. Hurston celebrates this vital culture and, by not attacking white society, she gains a respect for the everyday life and culture of African-Americans. Runs Of Homozygosity Analysis Essay |<img src=Runs Of Homozygosity Analysis Essay |Act Four Scene One Macbeth Analysis Essay
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